About Us

Vantagebio Scientific Solutions is a distributor  of immunological reagents and research kits for diagnostic  and research applications in Indonesia. Vantagebio staff has over seven years collective experience in immunological reagents and research products and has a good relationship with Indonesia doctors and researchers.

Vantagebio has 11 sub-distributor across Indonesia to serve major hospitals, research institution and industry. You can contact us at headquarter in Jakarta or contact our sub-distributor close to your area:

  1. Bandung ( West Java)
  2. Jogjakarta ( Central Java)
  3. Surabaya (East Java)
  4. Malang ( East java)
  5. Makassar ( South Celebes)
  6. Pontianak ( West Borneo)
  7. Pekan Baru ( Riau Province)
  8. Medan ( North Sumatra)
  9. Palembang ( South Sumatra)
  10. Jambi ( Jambi province)
  11. Bali ( Bali Province)