VitroPrep™ Cytology Processing Kit

VitroPrep™ Cytology Processing Kit

VitroPrep™ Cytology Processing Kit has been designed and formulated using “Green Chemistry” technology. It is a new second-generation LBC kit that utilizes a simple procedure and a standard swing-bucket centrifuge for the processing of clinical specimens.  The VitroPrep™ Cytology Processing Kit consists of two proprietary solutions: PreservPlus™ and CytoBase™.



  • PreservPlus™ Solution is formulated to maintain cell morphology and DNA/RNA/protein quality.
  • PreservPlus™ Solution is also a new and gentle cleaning and RBC lysing solution in a single bottle. There is no need for an extra Cleaning Solution; therefore, reduces the cost of processing.
  • The solution has been formulated using “Green Chemistry” technology.
  • PreservPlus™ Solution contains a safe antimicrobial agent (biocide) for preventing microbial contamination.



  • CytoBase™ Solution is a proprietary solution which provides mono-layer cell adhesion to standard microscopic glass slide.
  • No heating is required after treatment of the slides by the CytoBase™ Solution.
  • The solution is also compatible with many standard stains.
  • CytoBase™ Solution has been formulated using “Green Chemistry” technology.

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