HiDef Detection™ HRP Polymer System

HiDef Detection HRP Polymer System

The HiDef Detection™ Polymer System is a visualization system that is ready-to-use in immunohistochemical protocols.  This two-step system uses an indirect method resulting in an antibody-enzyme complex that universally detects mouse and rabbit primary antibodies.  The resulting chromogenic reaction can be visualized by HRP-compatible chromogens using light microscopy.  It is biotin-free and eliminates non-specific staining that could result from endogenous biotin.  This visualization system consists of two detection reagents and is based on the sequential application of HiDef Detection™ Amplifier (Mouse and Rabbit) followed by HiDef Detection™ HRP Polymer Detector, amplifying the detection of low expressing antigens. This detection system is compatible with both manual and open automated staining platforms.

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