Centrifuge 14.500rpm Neo Maximus

SpeedGear Neo-Maximus

SpeedGear Neo-Maximus is High Speed Non-refrigerate Centrifuge designed for high speed low volume laboratory use, especially for molecular biology application. Suitable for daily labs usage and also clinical usage.

  • Simple and clean designed
  • Extremely quiet
  • Easy-to-follow LCD display
  • Capacity: 12×1.5/2.0 ml tubes
  • Separate short-spin key
  • Low sample heating (only 12 C after 30 min, at max. speed)
  • Autoclavable rotor (121 C , 20 min)
  • RMP/RCF setting can be switched
  • Includes standard rotor made of anodized aluminium
  • Timer can be set up to 99 min
  • The small size of the unit makes it convenient for bench-top use or in a hood or in refrigerated environments


Product Specification and Parameter

Product Name                                                               SpeedGear Neo Maximus

Product Code                                                                 BG-SGM-015

Power requirement                                                    100 Watt

Power Supply                                                                200-240 Volt   50/60 Hz

Max. Speed                                                                     14.500 rpm

Max. Centrifugal Force                                             14.000 G

Rpm/rcf swichable                                                     Yes

Timer                                                                                20 second – 99 minutes

Maximum Load                                                            12 x 1.5 or 2 ml tubes

Acceleration time to max. Speed                         17 second

Breaking time from max. Speed                            15 Second

Ambient Temperature                                               5°C ~ 35°C

Dimensions (W×D×H)                                               230 mm x 270 mm x 155 mm

Weight (with rotor)                                                       4.8 kg

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